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Welcome to the Eagle Pointe Homeowners Association website. We are a collection of approximately 200 homes in the town of Eagle River, Alaska just north of Anchorage. We are situated between Eagle River High School and the Eagle River. Map
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Dues Reminder: 
Dues are Due by 02/15/2021
$ 215.00/ Per year - If you are NOT registered on our Website.
$165.00/ Per year - If you ARE registered on our Website.
We stress communication and teamwork with you, the homeowner, and your Board of Directors.
We offer a dedicated email for our management group. We want all owners to feel free to contact us
with any concerns, comments, or questions. 

Our Finance Department keeps owner ledgers current with an ACH direct deposit option for your
dues payments and by sending statements via email and USPS. We also accept checks or money
orders for your convenience. However, we do not accept cash payments. Remember, your condo
dues should always be made payable to your association, not to Roy Briley.

Dues and correspondence should be mailed to Roy Briley Association Management (RBAM)
at 1577 C Street Suite 101c Anchorage, AK 99501.

Our office hours are from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. We can be reached by phone at
907-343-8911 or by email at rbpropertymanagers@googlegroups.com.
Thank you,
Roy Briley Association Management